Thursday, July 21, 2011

School Run

There was a Great School Run at Thomas' school on Friday. He was very excited to be able to join in and show off his new running skills. I was very nervous and on edge but his teacher said she would accompany him round. Well, he ran a bit and he walked even more and managed to complete SIX laps, that's SIX laps of the school perimeter! He would never have been able to walk round once without getting out of breath before his op. I felt pretty emotional watching him go round - to think that on that day 6 weeks ago he was still in hospital, it was great to see how far he's really come.

They have an assembly to celebrate the end of their first year at school so yesterday was the Graduation Assembly. All the kids took turns to go on stage and shake the Headmaster's hand while the teacher said a few words about them. I can't really remember what exactly they said about Thomas because after I heard the words 'We are so proud of how brave and mature he's been about his recent heart surgery' I was pretty much a wreck. I'm SO pleased he's managed to get back to school and join in on all the fun end of term things with his little mates.

Term ends tomorrow and we're off to Legoland on Saturday morning for the weekend with some friends. We're all very much looking forward to it. Then we've got a few activities planned next week before we head off to Cornwall for a well deserved break. Lets hope the sun shines on us as we could all do with a bit of warmth to help us relax and the beach is sooooo much better in the sunshine.

I'll post some photo's of the run and the assembly as soon as.

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