Friday, September 10, 2010

BIG school!

Thomas started school on Wednesday. He was very excited he couldn't wait to get his uniform on and get there. He skipped in and was all smiles when I picked him up a couple of hours later. I asked him how he'd got on and he said 'Well, that was quick am I staying longer tomorrow?'. The last two mornings have gone equally as well so all in all a very good start. He starts full time next Thursday so he has a few more morning sessions before then. We are so chuffed for him - it is so great that he is starting school just like all the others and he looks very smart in his uniform. We're very proud of big school boy :-)

Samuel had his first birthday on 26th August. I can't believe where this last year has gone. We had a little party at lunchtime and a family tea later on. He has started to pull himself up the furniture now and is generally enjoying seeing the world at a different level.

P.s No word from the hospital as yet as to when Thomas' cardiac catheter will be. I keep expecting that brown envelope to arrive on the mat - I guess we will hear soon.