Monday, February 12, 2007

Feeding time at the Zoo!

I had to share this photo with you......this is what mealtimes are like at the moment - VERY messy. Thomas certainly likes getting 'into' his food and this is what happens when his favourite meal (cheese and tomato pasta) is for dinner, you can probably imagine the carnage when something less appetising is on the menu :-)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Thomas' First Birthday :-)

Wow what a birthday weekend! We had a really lovely time. On Friday (Thomas' actual birthday) he spent the morning opening and playing with his birthday present which is a Thomas the Tank Engine first train set. It was good fun, although the little man seems to prefer dismantling the track rather than putting it together!

Here's a piccie of him opening up his birthday cards.

Thomas met up with his mate Alex at a soft play centre for lunch, and practised his walking by pushing along one of the baby walkers. Here he is in action.

The rest of his birthday was spent with family and friends, playing with all his new toys. I used to think our house was quite big but that was before Thomas' toys multiplied overnight!

Sunday was party day, we hired a local church hall, a bouncy castle and a ball pit and filled it with all our friends and family. It was a great day and it was really nice to see so many people. A baby's first birthday is always such an event but throw two major heart operations and a cardiac catheter into your first year of being on the planet and it becomes a REALLY special day. Thank you to everyone who came and shared it with us and thank you all for your very generous presents. Thomas is a very lucky little boy. Here's a couple more photo's of th
e birthday boy.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Post Op Clinic Appointment

Just thought I'd let you all know that Thomas had his post operation clinic appointment today and it went really well!!! His oxygen saturation levels are 86 compared to 72 before his operation, his weight is now 20lb 4.5 oz so he's regained the weight he lost in hospital and added some more so that's really good news. His heart scan went well and showed good heart function so all in all we're really pleased :-) They said the bump that he has got on his scar is fairly common and should disappear as he grows, but if it doesn't he has got to have another operation in a few years anyway so they will see how it is after that one.

WHAT a little superstar we have!!!!!

We're soooo pleased with his progress post his second op. He is just such an amazing little boy and we can't believe he is one year old tomorrow. In fact this time last year I was in throws of labour - ouch!

Reaching his first birthday is such a milestone, when we were diagnosed with his condition back in October 2005 we really daren't think about this day, BUT it is tomorrow, the house is suitably decorated with banners and balloons and it's all systems go for his birthday party on Sunday.

I'll let you know how the birthday weekend goes......

Happy Birthday for tomorrow to our very precious, beautiful little rascal Thomas Peter Hooks!!! Yippee!!