Monday, March 26, 2007

26th March 2007

I thought I'd post an update as I haven't for a little while. Well, the little man had a clinic appointment today at our local hospital. They were very pleased with him! His weight is now 22lbs; since his operation in January he has put weight on at a faster pace and has moved up a centile on the baby weight chart which is really good news. He is hitting all his development milestones brilliantly and doing everything they expect a 13 month old baby to be doing. Despite him having a cold (he has the snottiest nose ever!) his sats were still 86 and his heart sounds normal, which is great and we are really pleased :-)

Thomas' favourite past times at the moment are eating coal off the fire, taking out the Sky viewing card and spinning CDs across the room but this morning I caught him eating plaster out of the wall - he's found a loose bit behind the radiator and makes a beeline for it hmmmm..... Basically if he's quiet for more than 2 minutes I know he's upto no good!

He is cruising around the furniture and walking happily when gripped to our finger but hasn't quite got the confidence to take the plunge himself yet. I don't think it will be that long though before he's staggering around the place as if he's had a night out on the beer.