Thursday, December 06, 2007

Good Food Show

Little Hearts had a stand at the Good Food Show last weekend to promote it's annual fundraising Cookie Bake and raise awareness, I manned the stand on the Saturday and it was absolutely mobbed so I really hope it turns out to be a successful venture for them.

Lesley Waters, the Ready Steady Cook chef, promotes the Cookie Bake for LHM, she was making a guest appearance at the stand at lunchtime so Paul brought Thomas along and he decorated cakes on the stand with Lesley and one of the other Little Hearts kids. He got really into it and loved having an audience, I was proud as punch when I could hear people in the crowd commenting how cute he is. Lesley was really impressed with him and assumed that we do baking together at home all the time.................which of course we don't eeeeeek ;-) I think Thomas just loves getting all sticky and messy and eating biscuits!!

He's soooooooo lovely at the minute, he's saying more and more words by the day and stringing them together which is great. He's like a parrot and repeats everything you say so we have to be really careful. The cutest thing he has started to say is 'love you', initially he was just repeating me but over the last few days he's said it spontaneously and it absolutely melts my heart. Sorry to be a gushing mother but it really is one of those special moments.