Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thomas the toddling spider!

Thomas completed his toddle on Sunday at Shugborough Hall in aid of Little Hearts Matter. He was one of the youngest taking part and dressed up as a spider for the occasion. He has raised a staggering £400 for LHM which is pretty marvellous. Thank you very, very much for sponsoring him, you were all really generous.
Paul & I are very proud of our little spider.

Here he is in trepedation waiting to start....

And here he is looking a little sad that's it all over, with his medal having a well earned chocolate fix!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thomas' sponsored 'Toddle'

Thomas is doing a sponsored 'Toddle' this Sunday for Little Hearts Matter at Shugborough Hall in Staffordshire.

Little Hearts Matter is the charity that supports families of children born with half a functioning heart. As you know LHM has been a huge support to us since we found out about Thomas' heart two years ago and it needs to raise £250,000 a year to keep it's services and research running.

Thomas is taking part in a sponsored Toddle on Sunday so please dig deep in your pockets to help him raise lots of money. Click on the Donate button below and you can sponsor him online.

Thanks very much

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Thomas is a celebrity!

Thomas is featured in this months Mother and Baby magazine (pg 145 to be precise;-) It's an article on his story covering the antenatal diagnosis, his condition and operations. It's to raise awareness of congenital heart conditions and the charity, Little Hearts Matter, but more importantly to give a bit hope to anyone else going through a similar thing.

I'm sure once word gets out about how cute Thomas is we'll have OK and Hello! magazine queuing up to interview him ;-)

As well as his new found celebrity status Thomas has started nursery for one morning a week. It was his first day yesterday and after the initial cry when I left him (I'm told they ALL do this) he was fine, he played well and ate all his dinner - how come he doesn't eat new potatoes when I cook them for him!

He's also had another holiday. We went to Pembrokeshire for a week and had a really lovely time. We managed to get on the beach on 4 days and Thomas absolutely LOVED throwing pebbles into the rock pools. Hours upon hours of fun - he just never got bored of it. Here's some photo's of him enjoying the beach.

Thomas is becoming a right little chatterbox (not sure where he gets that from). He's now stringing together two or thr
ee words and is picking up new ones everyday. We're teaching him to say 'please' as his favourite phrases at the minute are, 'get it', or, 'want it', so he now says 'get it peease' (he can't pronounce his l's very well). He's already cottoned on that when he says 'peease' so cutely we give in immediately as we just cannot resist him. He's so much fun at the minute though, it's much better now he can communicate a bit with us and means he gets less frustrated. He's really into diggers, cars, trains, buses, planes and footballs so a typical little boy! Here's a couple more photo's of him looking particularly cute.