Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thomas is doing a sponsored toddle

Thomas is doing a sponsored 'toddle' on Sunday 12th October, at Shugborough Hall, in aid of Little Hearts Matter. It would be great if you could sponsor him.

I'll let you know how he gets on and post some photo's next week.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sunday, October 05, 2008

We've been to Spain!

Hi everyone

We've just returned from a few days in Spain, the first day wasn't so great but then we had 4 glorious days in the Spanish sunshine,Thomas has been building sandcastles, paddling in the sea, swimming in the pool and eating Paella! It was so nice to get a last bit of summer as Autumn definitely feels like it's arrived while we've been away. When we left Malaga it was 25c and when we arrived in Birmingham it was only 10c brrrrr....

Here's a couple photo's of our holiday (I seem to have lost the knack with the slideshows)

Other news is that Thomas is officially not a baby anymore :-( over the last couple of months he's moved into his big boys bed and he's out of nappies. Both have gone pretty well, we bought a bed guard for his bed which didn't fit so we had a couple of nights of him being a bit unsettled but when we finally found a bed guard that fitted (thanks Ann-marie) he was fine. The potty training is going well, we started it about a month ago, he got the hang of it really quickly and by the 3rd day he was dry all day! We've had some accidents since then though, and we don't leave the house without the potty, but overall I think he's done very well.

Thomas is such a typical little boy, he's really into Disney Cars at the minute and he LOVES rough and tumble and wrestling. I seriously don't know where he gets his energy from sometimes, yes he gets puffed but I do think all that he does is pretty incredible considering his special heart. It was exactly 3 years ago today we found out about Thomas' heart condition. It makes me go cold when I think back to that day. I can't believe how lucky we are - he's soooooo precious.

Thomas is doing a sponsored toddle on Sunday to raise money for Little Hearts Matter so I'll be setting up a Just Giving page over the next couple of days - it would be great if you could sponsor him. I'll send you the link when it's all set up.