Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thomas in action!

I've managed to get a couple of shots of the little fella while he's on his feet and walking around, although when he saw I'd got the camera he almost broke into a 'run' and came hurtling towards me it was hilarious. He's doing so well, he's much steadier on his feet now and when we're at home he spends more time walking than crawling. He's not so keen on walking in his shoes though, bare foot seems to be the way to go for Thomas. I'm so glad I forked out all that money on those lovely Clarks shoes ;-)

We're back at Birmingham for a check up next week so I'll fill you in after the appointment. He seems really well right now so we're hoping it all goes smoothly - in the meantime enjoy the photo's.

Thomas modelling his new waterproof jacket - just so cute!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


We've just returned from a weeks holiday in North Devon - we had a great time. The weather was fantastic and we spent a few days on the beach. Thomas is a real beach bum, he loves the sand (so much so he likes to taste it!), he got really excited when we got to the beach and couldn't wait to get out of his pushchair. He managed to get sand everywhere, in places that I didn't think was possible! Here's a piccie of him in his beach suit.

And another one of him on the swing.

Since we've got back he's really got to grips with walking. He's spent the last few weeks doing a few steps here and there but in these last few days he's really progressed. It's really funny seeing him totter about with his hands in the air, he pulls some hilarious faces while he's concentrating and he's so proud of himself. I'll try and get a photo of him in action.