Tuesday, July 28, 2009

28th July 2009

Hello again

Thomas' heart outpatients appointment went well on 25th June. His sats were 82 (that's fine for Thomas) and after a thorough heart scan the registrar said his heart was 'working well'. We didn't ask any questions this time, we basically just scarpered out of there when he said he'd see us again in 6 months. We didn't want to prompt any discussion about the next stage. Thomas is reaching the age where they could start talking about the next operation and start the ball rolling i.e put him on the cardiac catheter list and we really don't to face this over the next 6 months with the new baby coming along. It would be different if Thomas was struggling in anyway but he's doing very well and having such a lovely time so leave us be for the time being please.

The next day I had another scan to check on the baby's heart and that all went very well too so it was a really good couple of days for us :-) Also 26th June was my Mum's 65th birthday and we'd arranged a surprise BBQ for her at my brothers. This all went off really well (despite a monsoon like downpour in the afternoon) and we even managed to keep it a surprise from her - for anybody who knows my Mum will realise this is no mean feat :-)

Thomas has finished his first term at 'big boy pre-school' for the summer holidays. He's back there for 2 sessions a week in September. He seems to really enjoy it, he's made some new friends and is always coming home with some crafty thing he's made.

I've now finished work - I've taken some holiday before my maternity leave which officially starts on my due date 31st August. So today we've been playing cricket & golf in the garden and playing in the sandpit - this beats work any day!!

Last Friday we went to West Midlands Safari park and met up with Thomas' heart friend Charlie and his mum. We had a brilliant day and despite the hideous weather forecast it was actually really pleasant and sunny for the most of the day. The boys had a ball and the next morning Thomas said ' Mummy I really like Charlie and he's got a special heart like me' awwwwww.....

We've been very busy at home decorating and reorganising the bedrooms in readiness for our new baby. I'm pleased to say the nursery is now ready and the new office/spare room is nearly there. Thomas has been helping (in his own way) he likes to be involved in everything, we've found the best approach is to let him have a go and then he often gets bored and goes off to play.

Daddy's fathers day present was a book called 'Daddy's little boy' in it there is a boy called Tom who does lots of great stuff with his Daddy. One of things they get up to is making a castle so Thomas wanted to do the same. I've added some photo's of it for you - it's been a bit of a project but it's all finished now and the boys are very proud of their creation (especially Daddy ;-).

We've not that much planned over the next few weeks, the baby is due in 5 weeks time so I want to spend as much quality time with my little man before his new sibling arrives. I still cannot quite believe we will have a newborn arriving soon. Thomas is still excited about it - he's been coming to my antenatal appointments and listening to the baby's heart beat. We'll see if he still feels the same when it arrives!

I've added a slide show below of some photo's taken over the last few weeks.