Monday, November 06, 2006

Date for next operation

Due to the slightly conflicting information we'd been given I called Mr Barron's secretary (Thomas' surgeon) last Monday to find out where Thomas was on the list. She said he was still down for December but that this would likely slip to the beginning of January but she would talk to Mr Barron and let me know. I didn't hear anything so I called again today and after a bit of negotiation we have been given a date, we'll go in on 7th January and the operation will be done on Monday 8th January. Gulp! We feel sick at the thought of it.

There is still a possibility it might be December bu
t now we have been given a date at least we have something to work towards and we can plan for our little man's first Christmas. What a special Christmas it will be this year!

I know it's going to be incredibly hard to hand T
homas over to have this operation, I would do anything for him not to have to go through it but I know that he has got to and I want him to have it while he's strong and well. We need to hope that his strong willed nature and cheeky personality pull him through again. I'll certainly be focusing on coming out the other side of it and seeing our little man's beaming face light up the room again.

He's a couple of recent photos of him......