Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter chick

Hi everyone I hope this finds you all well, we're fine, Thomas has a bit of a cold but seems to be coping ok with it thus far. We had a weekend away at the end of February to celebrate Nana Hooks' birthday. We went to a cottage in the Peak District that had a swimming pool. Thomas is definitely a water baby at the minute, he really enjoyed standing on the side and jumping in (with the help of Daddy of course), one time he was too quick though and chucked himself off the side, he was wearing arms bands and a rubber ring, I might add, but nevertheless he did surprise himself a bit but it certainly didn't stop him.

We took Thomas to a Thomas the Tank engine day in Leicester a few weeks back. It was a great day but absolutely freezing. Bearing in mind there was a real Thomas there, which we had a ride, on plus a few of the other engines when you ask him what his favourite part of the day was, he says....'Fat Controller' :-)

Last week he had his two year check at the clinic. This is a routine check that all kids have at two years old to make sure they are doing certain things. We are really pleased as Thomas is doing everything they expect of a two yr old, in fact he's doing more than expected in some things, such as talking! The nursery nurse said he was 'amazing' and I kinda have to agree with her.

Yesterday we had the Easter hat parade at playgroup, Thomas painted some plastic eggs and coloured in some chicks and I bundled them together to create a hat of some sorts. He'd been dying to get his hands on it for the last two days then when it came to him wearing it for the parade he wasn't bothered. Typical. He did eventually wear it but all he really wanted to do was take the eggs off and kick them around like footballs!

I am going back to work part time at the end of the month so Thomas spent his first full day at nursery today. I have broken him in gently and he has been going for two mornings a week since Christmas but I wanted to make sure he was ok with the full day before I went back. I explained to him what was happening and he seemed fine with it but the proof is always in the pudding so I was half expecting a call this afternoon. But no, he was fine, he went skipping off this morning and didn't even say 'bye' to me as they were doing something he really enjoys, 'sticking'. He had a sleep in one of their pushchairs after lunch (which really surprised me). They said he did have a look of - 'what's going on, I'm not normally here at this time' - on his face but apart from that all was well. Phew!

Here's some recent photo's.......