Friday, February 06, 2009

Thomas' 3rd Birthday

It was Thomas' 3rd birthday on Monday - can you believe he is three already??

He's had a great time, he had a party on Sunday afternoon at a local sports centre. There was the biggest bouncy castle you've ever seen plus loads of soft play items and bats and balls. It was really good, and great to see him will all his little friends enjoying himself. There was about 26 kiddies in total but there was no catastrophes or dramas and everyone seemed to have a great time. Thomas' little heart friend Charlie travelled all the way from Cardiff to be there - how lovely is that.

Every birthday is such a milestone for us when you think back to where we were when we first learnt about Thomas' heart. It's easy to forget when you see him carrying on like a typical a 3year old but we never forget how precious he is. He does get breathless and he can't walk as far as his mates without getting tired (esp in the cold weather) but he's done amazingly well in these three years we just hope this is a taster for how the future will be.

Gushing proud Mummy moment over........... :-)

On his birthday itself Thomas woke up to a winter wonderland he went to the window and said 'Mummy, it's snowing because it's my birthday'. It did make his birthday even more magical as after he'd finally opened all of his presents (which took 4 hours!!!) we went outside to build a snowman and play in the snow. It was great!!!

Grandma and Grandad spent the day with us and brought some more presents and then we had our tea out at a local carvery and Uncle Paul joined us there. All in all the little man seemed to have a great day.

The next morning he woke up and said 'who's birthday is it today Mummy'?

Here's a few photo's I'll do a slide show later.......

P.s I must tell you this little story - a couple of weeks ago we had a power cut in the middle of the night which ordinarily you would think would go unnoticed but not in our house as Thomas has a night light and the bathroom light is left on to shine in his room. SO, he woke up in the small hours really upset saying 'Mummy, Daddy my eyes aren't working'....... awwwww