Monday, June 02, 2008

Time for an update

I thought it was time for an update, I can't believe my last post was in March and now it's June already....where is 2008 going? Well, I went back to work part-time at the beginning of April so that's taken a bit of adjusting all round. Thomas was fine initially but after about 3 weeks he realised that this was the new routine and started whimpering when I dropped him off. He's ok again now though so that was all for my benefit.

We took Thomas abroad for the first time in May, we went to Portugal with our friends Sal & Michael and their two girls. Thomas loved the aeroplane and was absolutely fine with the altitude, some heart kids need a bit of extra oxygen on flights, but he coped fine and was totally normal. We had a good week despite someone taking off with our pushchair at the airport, we finally got it back when we were checking in for our flight home, unbelievable! The weather was mixed but we still managed to get to the beach everyday, thats what it's all about for us as Thomas is a big fan of the beach.

Here's a video of Thomas getting ready to go on his hols. As you will see he certainly knows what he wants!!

The weekend after we got back Thomas had a virus, temperature spikes, no energy and no appetite. I hate to see him poorly, it's such a worry especially when he has a temperature as his breathing is much faster. After a couple of days his temperature was back to normal but he still wasn't himself, he was really stroppy and very quick to have a tantrum. Thankfully he's back to his normal self now, this weekend we've had hugs and kisses galore, which is sooooooo much better.

Thomas is totally into Happy Feet, Madagascar and Ice Age 2 DVDs at the minute. He's very fickle though so who knows what is favourite will be next week. He still loves going on his trike, playing football, mowing the lawn and playing golf, although he'd rather improvise and use the spoon from his egg and spoon race set as a golf club rather than use his mini golf set. I think Daddy needs to give him a lesson!

We're back at Birmingham for a check up on the 12th June so I'll update you after then. Bye for now xxx