Sunday, January 24, 2010

A mega update....

Hi everyone
Life has been pretty manic these last few months so apologies for the lack of news. Thomas has been on form - a little too on form at times - and is still very much into his little brother. Samuel has settled in nicely and is now so much more aware. He giggles, hold things, has found his feet and is generally very interested in the world around him but his little face absolutely lights up when his big brother is around.

Christmas was great, busy as usual, but good fun. We took Thomas to see Santa on the Severn Valley Railway which was really nice plus many other Christmas parties and festive gatherings.

Thomas had a heart check up after Christmas, the usual 6 monthly one, but we were anxious about it because Thomas is coming up 4yrs old and is getting closer to the time of the next operation. They scanned him and are very happy with his heart which is brilliant news. His sats were 84, which again is spot on for Thomas, but as predicted they did start the conversation about the Fontan (the 3rd open heart operation). His consultant said realistically we are looking at the next 12-18 months. It's during these next couple of years he thinks we will really start to notice the difference between Thomas' level of activity and his friends. He's starting school in September and they like to get the Fontan done in Reception or Year 1 'before the real work starts'. Anyway nothing is happening for the next 6 months, he said when we go back in the summer they will do some exercise tolerance tests with Thomas to see how puffed he gets and take it from there. The next thing will be a Cardiac Catheter which is generally a one/two night stay in hospital where they go up through the groin to check the pressures in the heart and generally have a good look at it from an internal perspective. So, the good news is he's doing well and they are happy with him. We've always known about the 3rd op but it doesn't make it any easier. At least we have some time to get used to the idea (if you ever do!).

Samuel has had Bronciolitis so we were in Walsgrave hospital with him a week or so ago as he wasn't feeding. It's taken a little while to shift but he seems to be back to normal now pretty much. He was still very smiley throughout and the doctors and nurses kept saying he looked too well to be in there (plus they thought he was really cute! ;-) Thankfully he avoided having an NG tube and I syringe fed him small amounts of milk until he could take it better himself by the bottle.

It's Thomas' 4th birthday on 2nd Feb - I can't believe our little rascal is going to be 4 years old. We're off to Center Parcs on 1st Feb so we'll celebrate his birthday there but he's having a party next Sunday before we go.

Here's some photo's of the last few months - I'll report back after his birthday and Center Parcs.