Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cornwall Holiday

Hi everyone I just thought I'd share some photo's of Thomas from our Cornwall holiday we had just recently (just before the weather hotted up!). We had a great week, we managed to have 3 good days on the beach, a trip to a steam railway, a children's farm and a trip to the swimming baths. Lots of fun was had by all!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Outpatients update and other bits

Thomas' outpatients appointment on 12th June went really well :-) We saw Dr Chikermane, Thomas' consultant, and he was very pleased with his progress. His sats were 84 (anything over 80 is great for Thomas) and his weight was good so they are happy he is growing well. He spent some time talking to us about Thomas' next operation, the Fontan, which he expects will be sometime between age 4-5 (all being well). It was good to go through it all and confirm our understanding of what is going to happen but at the same time it was scary as hell. So, we decided that we know all we need to know for now and we'll try not think about it anymore until we need to. We are chuffed to bits Thomas is doing well heartwise, it's always a bit anxious going back for check ups but it's such a relief when they tell us he is doing well.

We also had our first parents evening at nursery the other week. It was just an opportunity to go and have chat with them and have a look at Thomas' stuff. They're making a scrapbook for Thomas' time at nursery which is filled with all the activities he's doing, including photo's of him and things he enjoys d
oing - it will make a lovely memory. They also go through all their observations of the developmental activities Thomas has displayed, it's all in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage which is a foundation for care and learning. Everything Thomas does at nursery is through play but when you see it all recorded it is amazing to see how much he is learning. They said he is very sociable and fits in well at nursery, he tends to play more with the boys (playing with cars and footballs) and that he is typical 2yr old little boy.

Other stuff the little man is up to is he still loves going out on his trike, still loves cars and playing his version of 'golf'. He's very much into washing up and wiping up at the minute and helps me fill the washing machine. He still likes getting his own way and kicks off when he doesn't get it! He likes playing in our bed 'looking for treasure' and often pretends he's driving a bus and we're his passengers, he likes taking us to the beach, to town and he likes stopping for petrol ;-)

He's just started to realise his limits a bit heartwise, he's started saying 'I'm puffed' when he's been running around. While this is a bit heart wrenching it is good because we can now start to explain things to him in very simple terms. We often sit down and read a book or have a drink when this happens, we're also trying to teach him to take deep breaths but I don't think he quite gets that bit yet ;-)

All in all he's doing great, he's very strong willed and pretty stu
bborn and a bit of a challenge at times but he's certainly got spirit and he's a lot of fun to be around.

Here he is riding 'Tom' the donkey with his cousin Katie at Coombe Abbey recently.