Thursday, December 09, 2010


Hi everyone!
Well Thomas has his cardiac catheter on 12th November. All went ok although it was awful for us handing him over and when he woke up he was really cross :-( We ended up staying in over night as he spiked a temperature in the afternoon but it was something and nothing and so came home the next morning.

Since then we have received a letter from BCH to say that 'Thomas is on Mr Jones' routine waiting list for surgery in the next 3-4 months'. This is good news - no time is ever going to be a good time for putting your little boy through open heart surgery but by March/April time hopefully the weather will be a little better, he will have had his birthday and hopefully we will be settled in our new house.

It was Thomas' first Nativity at school yesterday. They all put on a brilliant show. Thomas was a soldier and had to count out loud by himself. He did great! We were very proud of him.

Here's a short video of him in action....