Friday, January 30, 2009

Christmas 2008 & Center Parcs Jan 2009

Well, it's been a while since my last update......time flies when you're having fun!

Thomas had his outpatients appointment in mid Dec
and all went well. They were pleased with his heart function, his growth and sats so we can breathe again for another 6 months. He was such a good boy while they scanned his heart, lying very still and doing just as the registrar wanted.

Then came Christmas - what a great time we had. Thomas was far more aware this year, he knew it was Christmas time and loved all the lights on the houses and all the festivities. On Christmas morning itself he came downstairs oblivious and casually walked into the lounge and on seeing the mountain of presents he said 'WOW look at all my presents, Santa bring all my presents to my home' ..........priceless!

We've just had a mid week break in Center Parcs, it was great. It was nice to have a few days away in the forrest. It's always pretty relaxing eventhough there's loads going on, we did swimming, biking, bowling, soft play and all sorts. Here's some photo's of our waterbaby.......

In other news Thomas has been to the cinema for the first time. He enjoyed Madagascar 2 just after Christmas and for a first time cinema goer he did really well. It was a good film actually I really enjoyed it myself :-)

He's still very much into playing with his cars, he's a big fan of his work bench (that he had for Christmas) and he's seriously into his marbles. Telly wise he's into Lazy Town (he thinks he is Sportacus), Peppa Pig and The Backyardigans or as Thomas calls it The Backcardigans :-)

We've got a full weekend ahead of us with Thomas' birthday party on Sunday and the big day itself on Monday. I can't quite believe my little rascal is going to be three on Monday. I'll post again soon with photo's of the birthday boy!!!