Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A mega update!!

It's a ridiculous amount of time since I last updated you about what Thomas has been up to - we've been really busy and having lots of fun.

The first major news (well, it's old news now) is that Thomas is having a new baby brother/sister due at the end of August :-) So far he is very much into the idea of his new sibling, he keeps kissing my tummy and asking 'when's it coming out Mummy?'. Lets hope he shows the same enthusiasm when it arrives and realises it's here to stay! We've had some extra scans and another one due on 26th June but so far this baby is looking like it has a heathly heart, which you can probably imagine is a HUGE relief for us.

Thomas started pre-school for two sessions a week after Easter. It's the one attached to the school that he will hopefully go to. We call it 'Big boy pre-school' and he's settled in really well and seems to enjoy it. It's another milestone for our little boy who is really growing up - he suddenly decided a few weeks back that he didn't want to wear his night time nappy anymore and so that was it, he hasn't since and done really well with it!

He's more into Tom & Jerry and Power Rangers at the minute with Lazy Town and Sportacus taking more of a back seat. He's still very much into cars and balls and loves playing bat and ball.

We went on holiday to Wales at the beginning of May - the weather was OK and we managed to get to the beach every other day. Thomas loves the beach. He loves looking in rock pools, demolishing sand castles and playing football on the beach. We also went on a steam railway and to an Animalarium where Thomas held a snake!!!

We've just got back from a week in Ibiza - last chance for a holiday abroad before number 2 arrives! We've had a great week, the weather was glorious, beautiful sun all week. Thomas was dipping in and out of the pool, the beach was a 2 minute walk away and there was 2 cartoon characters in the hotel called Dizzy (dolphin) and Shades (shark) - which were a big hit with Thomas. There was a children's disco on every evening and he really enjoyed a good boogie to the Dizzy & Shades Shakedown. He's a bit of a mover our boy! :-)

Other stuff he's been up to over the last few months is a visit to the zoo, having picnics in parks (galore) and going to a couple of children's farms. We also had a day trip to Skeggy over the bank holiday weekend which was a really good day out.

Thomas has had a new 'football' bedroom which he's very pleased about. We're changing all the bedrooms around in anticipation of the new baby coming so Thomas has now got a big boys themed room. It was so funny when he was looking through the different designs for his room, dinosaurs, diggers, space, animals, racing cars etc etc but he just kept going back to the football one. He certainly knows what he wants!

Heartwise Thomas is doing well (touch wood, fingers crossed and all that) we are due back in Birmingham for a check up on 25th June so hopefully that will go well. He certainly seems full of life and energy. He definitely can't walk as far his little friends and does get puffed but he is doing really, really well. Looooooong may it continue!!!