Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cardiac Catheter

Thomas' cardiac catheter is this Friday. We've been to the pre-admission clinic today where we completed lots of paperwork and went through what is going to happen. We were expecting that Thomas would have an echo, an ECG and a chest x-ray today but all the consultant requested was the usual observations (height, weight, sats, bp) and a blood test. We were still there for the best part of 3.5 hours as we also visited the ward and Thomas went in the play room. A cardiac catheter is usually a minimum of one night stay in hospital but as long as his blood results are ok we will not have to go in until the morning of the cath. It'll be an early start as we've got to report to the ward for 8am and there is always a chance that he might have to stay after he's had the cath done but we are hopeful Thomas will be in and out in the day.

Thomas seems fairly ok with it all thus far. We've been doing some hospital play at home with some real medical bits of equipment and we've been looking at some books to help him understand how his heart is special. It feels quite strange going back in hospital but I think it will be good to help prepare ourselves for his next operation The Fontan. As things stand this is scheduled for next spring but the catheter results are key.

Thomas has settled in really well at school. He's still happy to go in the mornings and
seems to be enjoying the learning. We've had our first parents evening and his teachers are really pleased with how he's settled. As long as he's happy and enjoying it that is all that matters. He had his first school trip the other week to Coombe Abbey to see the changes of Autumn. I went along as a parent helper as Thomas was in a buggy - we had to borrow a big buggy (off Thomas' heart friend Charlie) as Thomas was initially rejected but we have since been granted one by the wheelchair service so he now has his own.

Samuel is lovely, still dotes on his brother (despite the wrestles) and has taken his first step, only one so far but he's getting there.

I'll update again after Friday.