Saturday, July 09, 2011

Full time school

Thomas started back to school full time on Thursday. He said he didn't really want to go back full time as he's enjoyed coming home and playing in the new sandpit and paddling pool during the afternoons but he was fine when it came to it.

We went to our local hospital again yesterday for Thomas' INR check. It was 1.6 despite them having increased his warfarin dose. His diet has changed though I suppose so that might have something to do with it, needless to say they've increased his dose again and we're due back next Friday. We're due back at BCH on Monday morning too. Here's hoping that pesky fluid has finally gone and done one this time.

We're slowly getting back to some sort of normality although it's taking a while. I guess the last few months have been anything but normal. The main thing is our little rascal is doing well and looks really great :-)

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