Friday, June 24, 2011

Bit of relief....

We went to our local hospital again this morning for Thomas' INR check which was a bit low at 1.7 (it's supposed to be between 2-3) that said I'd rather it be 0.3 under than 0,3 over but that's just my preference. Anyway they've increased his dosage a bit for this week so we shall go back next Friday and see where it's at.

We then headed to BCH for another check. His sats were sitting comfortably at 90 which is always a good start. The echo still showed a bit of residual fluid albeit it less than last week. The doc was all set for us to come ba
ck in a week or so but then we saw another doctor who'd done Thomas' cardiac catheter procedure and who we saw alot while we were in hospital. He took a look at the echo and was really relaxed about it, it's a very small amount and not compromising his lung or anywhere near his heart. He suggested Thomas have a chest xray to get a different view and because apparently fluid can appear more on echo and they would call us later. They called after we got home and said the chest xray was 'very good', we don't have to go back til our planned appointment on 11th July, the MCT diet can stop on Wednesday and they've reduced his diuretics. Oh and he can go back to school. This is much better news and feels like a weight has been lifted. We feel we can start to move on a bit now, it will do us all the world of good to get a bit of routine back and a bit of normality.

Here's Thomas' response to today's news.....

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